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 This is the page for the fan made Hetalia character Severnaya Zemlya, or her human name, Alisa Major. She is a Russian Micronation, with no real population except for a military base.  



Alisa Major

Severnaya Zemlya(Северная Земля)

Human Age


Country Age



Russia(Adopted father)







Sister Cities


Favourite trade



Prussia/ Gilbert Beilschmidt

Catch Phrase

"Ve Vill Vin Zis For Mother Russia!"

Severnaya Zemlya was first noted in 1913 and first charted in 1930–32, making it the last archipelago on Earth to be discovered. Politically, they are part of Russia's Krasnoyarsk Krai region, but are uninhabited by humans except for an Arctic base.'''''Severnaya Zemlya is notable in connection with the ongoing multi-year shrinkage of the Arctic permanent ice cap. Until recently, the islands were a portion of Eurasia which remained firmly within the grip of the ice even at its smallest extent during the late summer melt season, blocking the Northeast Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific. By the late summer of 2012, however, the permanent ice had reached a record low extent and open water could be found to the north of the archiapelago. She seems to think if she defends herself productively, Russia will grant her a population. ("Ve Vill Vin Zis For Mother Russia!") Despite her nation being very cold, she is always seen in warm weather clothing.  She always say" I Grew up Vith Mother Russia. It's colder zere zan it is here." No one knows exactly what that's supposed to mean, but they go with it.   She was adopted by Russia in 1932 and raised by him since.  ==Relationships==

  • 198px-Germany World Meeting
    Gemany/ Ludwig Beilschmidt

"You crazy Russian!"

Gemany has a "Don't ask,Don't tell" relationship with Alisa.  Once had plans to conquer her, but Russia would have had his head.


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    Prussia/ Gilbert Beilschmidt

"Dirt is like chocolate on ze ground. But don't eat it because it tastes like dirt."

Prussia seems to be very taken with Alisa, often teasing her in play about her lack of knowledge of dirt. He is often found griping at Germany for being so mean to her,


  • Hetalia-hug-Russia-93982786568
    Russia/Ivan Braginski

"My little Perogie!"

Russia adopted Alisa in 1930 and raised her to the micronation she is today.  Belarus doesn't seem to be too jealous of her, but Ukraine just seems antsy around her. 

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