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Serbia (セルビア, Serubia) is a fan-made character made by Tix in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers.

He represents Serbia or in his native language Republika Srbija(Република Србија), and is brother of Croatia (Yugotalia), Slovenia(Yugotalia), Bosnia (Yugotalia), ) and Macedonia (Yugotalia). His cousin is Montenegro (Yugotalia). Born

Serbia by Tix

in February 15th(Serbian Revolution, National day), he received the name Vuk Mišić(Вук Мишић in Cyrillic).


A great patriot, with a proud medieval and royal history, but desperate in modern times.

His personality is cheery, and fun, and even in the roughest times he knows it’s hard to get out of, he keeps a sad smile on and sings his sorrows out. Also very proud of his tradition and brave, but also stubborn, hotheaded, and a bit arrogant and violent.

His hobbies include football and nightlife, and that’s what his life consists of. He won’t admit he sucks at football though. He also won’t stop saying “Kosovo is Serbia” because he is too emotionally attached to the little fellow.

It’s true he was once a glorious man, whom many looked up to and loved, with a gentleman attitude and the nicest words, but because of constant pressure put on him and various accusations that came on later, he felt treated like a wild animal; And they say if you’re treated like an animal, you become one.


He doesn’t get along well with his neighbors(mostly Croatia, Bosnia, and Albania), due to the fact that he either claims he’s way better and once ruled them(His head is stuck in his past) or has territorial issues. He also hates America a great deal. He finds everybody is guilty except for him. With Greece he has a relative good friendship now.



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