Senarica is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. She represents the Senarica Republic.

Senarica Republic





Physical Age


Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Green




None as of yet



Senarica has a skin tone that falls somewhere between Veneziano's fair skin and Romano's olive skin. She has green eyes and long light brown hair which is accecorised with a white hairband. Her usual attire consists of a ragged, navy military jacket over a white blouse, a white skirt and brown boots with cuffs. She also has a silver bracelet with a cross on it on her right wrist. She carries a sword around with her and owns an axe.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Senarica used have a status as an independent republic, before she succumbed to the Italy brothers. She remains proud that she is the smallest state to hold such a long independence. However, she is no longer an active nation. She is actually upset that she will dissolve soon.

Senarica acts like a warrior and refuses to be treated as a soft-hearted lady. She has a rough speech pattern and will demand for tea when she steps into someone's house if she isn't served with tea in two minutes. gets along well with her other sibling Salerno, probably due to the fact she and Salerno are retired nations and will dissolve soon.

Senarica is described as 'yandere', a term used to describe someone who would become very violent when their devotion to someone goes overboard. Although this is said, there's actually no proof that Senarica's yandere.



Main Article:Salerno

Her sibling whom she gets along with. They go for fishing together often. It is implied both of them are stronger than the Italy twins combined. Senarica and Salerno are both worried about the future of Italy, for they have imparted their skills to the Italy brother's but it seems none of them are using them.


  • Senarica has no birthday, although she has a birthyear, 1343, which is the year the Senarica Republic was established.
  • Her actual age is 668 as of 2011.
  • Senarica is actually on the brink of dissolving, as she is, like Germany and Prussia's brothers and Prussia himself, an inactive nation. Despite this, she still remains quite optimistic and tries not to think about death. She has hopes of being reincarnated as the village of Senarica.
  • Her potential human names are Felicia, Orlanda, Rosaria and Andreina. She most likely shares the same last name as her siblings.

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