Scarborough Shoal

Scarborough Reef
Panatag Shoal
Huáng​yán​ Dǎo


Scarborough Shoal
Scarborough Reef
Panatag Shoal
Huáng​yán​ Dǎo

Human name

Victor dela Cruz





Hair color


Eye color



124 cm

Scarborough Shoal is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents Scarborough Shoal, a group of islands under the administration of the Philippines but unrightfully claimed by the People's Republic of China. His human name is Victor dela Cruz.


Victor has chocolate brown eyes and short, messy black hair. He wears a white-and-black striped shirt and jeans, but whenever he ventures out into the world, he wears a Barong Tagalog, the male national costume of the Philippines, as she has effective control over him.

Personality and Interests

Victor has grown to like the Philippines and everything related to it. As an apparent seven-year-old child, he has grown very attached to Maria, and relies on her for protection against the two Chinas. His fear of them has grown to the level that even if he sees only their shadow on the horizon, he crawls into a sheltered cove in his island and hold his Maria doll action figure tight.

Victor loves fish. And fish dishes. He can't seem to get enough of them.


Republic of the Philippines (Maria Clara dela Cruz)

Main article: Philippines

As Victor's adoptive mother, he is very close to her. She has done many means to secure her sovereignty over Victor, like planting a flag on his highest peak, building a lighthouse, and claiming an EEZ.

People's Republic of China (Wang Yao)

Main article: China

Victor is afraid of Yao, as simple as that. Whenever he sees Yao coming, Victor runs away, screeching, "Expansionist!" All Yao could say is that he was on his ancient maps.

Spratly Islands (Danny Sachs)

Main article: Spratly Islands

As the main territory under dispute, Danny is like a mentor and an uncle for Victor. He always stresses his core values, "peace, calm, and environmentalism."


  • Victor's love for fish comes from the abundance of fish in Scarborough Shoal.
  • Victor does not have a listed birthday because the author couldn't find the date that the Philippines claimed Scarborough Shoal he forgot when it was.

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