Saugeais is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. He represents the micronation the Republic of Saugeais. In 2011, he received the name Henri Bonnefoy.

Republic of Saugeais

Physical Age









English, French, Langue Saugette

Human Name

Henri Bonnefoy

Hair Color

Dark Blond

Eye Color




Saugeais is quite tall for his age, standing as tall as France. He has short dark blond hair and blue eyes. His usual attire consists of a light brown jacket over a black shirt and jeans, which has the coat of arms of his flag as the design for his right pocket. Sometimes he has a pair of red headphones around his neck.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Saugeais is proud that he is a self-proclaimed micronation and he usually likes to be alone. He secretly likes singing and has a good voice, but is too shy to showcase it. He is really a cool person and his signature thing to do is to give a thumbs-down and say 'Loser'. He listens to all kinds of music in any language, his favourite genre being rock/pop.

After several stalking incidents caused by France, Saugeais became paranoid and carries a fork around with him. If he hears footsteps behind him and doesn't know who it is, he will throw the fork, which usually hits the victim's arm or leg, since Saugeais has excellent accuracy.

Saugeais usually starts his sentence with 'Geez' (Japanese: またく, mataku) when people ask him favour, unless he is close to that person. Saugeais apparently has some sort of sibling rivalry with France, but still relies on him.

Unlike France, Saugeais isn't a pervert, although he finds women interesting. However, he watches them rather than touch them and is apparently clueless when it comes to love. Saugeais is implied to have some interest in a few female non-nations, namely Senarica and Cambridge, but he feels the most attracted to Plymouth for some strange reason.



France is Saugeais' older brother, something that scares Saugeais out of his wits. Saugeais normally blames France for being the cause of his paranoia and insecurity, but the other denies this. The two have a long-shared sibling rivalry, and Saugeais is always trying to avoid France when he can. Saugeais' hatred for France probably stemmed from the fact France doesn't acknowledge him as a nation.


Saugeais lives near Switzerland, so the two see each other often, although Saugeais prefers not to as he is really afraid of Switzerland.


  • Saugeais has no birthday yet, but his birthyear is 1947, which would make him less than 100 years old.
  • When Saugeais speaks in his mother tongue, he speaks in Langue Saugette, a French dialect. He alternates between Langue Saugette and French when speaking.

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