Awang Richard Brooke is a fan-made character of Hetalia: Axis Powers representing State of Sarawak (Japanese: サラワク州), one of the states of Malaysia.

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James Brooke Kirkland


Represents :

Sarawak (Malaysian State)

Human Name:

Awang Richard Brooke


900-1000 years old, 24 in human years.


22 July




Sarawakian Malay, English, Dayak language (Iban, Bidayuh and others)

Current Residence:

Kuching, Sarawak


One of the states of the federation of Malaysia

Appearance Edit

Richard has short black hair that appears rough at first glance but actually soft. He is sometimes seen smoking a cigarette,though he denies that he is a smoker. He has black eyes, like the oher Asian siblings, and has Dayak tattoos on his back to represent the number of fights he had and showing himself as one of the warriors who fought for Sarawak's freedom from the British colony.

Name Edit

Sarawak's name is based off of the Sarawakian common names given by people in Sarawak to their children. Awang comes from the fact that most Malay and even Dayak citizens use this name, but mostly the Malay ethnics are the people who commonly use this. Awang is also a special name and has it's own way to be said if it is announced. Meanwhile, Richard is one of the most common names used by the Dayaks and non-Malay ecthnics in Sarawak. Brooke derives from the name of James Brook, a British ruler who had colonised Sarawak back then.

Personality Edit

He is a mostly silent person, but caring to everyone especially the person that he mostly cares about. He had some bad drinking habits before, but gave up drinking alchoholic drinks and started drinking coke instead. He doesn't like much physical contact with anyone other than close friends and family. He sometimes blackmails Arthur and sends him a message about "Killing Arthur's fairies and imaginary friends". Because Arthur was his former 'Father and Mentor', James also has the ability to see magical creatures.

Altrough he is one of Malaysia's brothers (Malaysia is actually represented by the Pennisular Malaysia), he is somtimes a bit hostile towards Malaysia, especially when Malaysia makes a new development project without telling him first. Even though this happens all the time, they both still keep their brotherly relationship on track.

Relationships Edit

  • Malaysia: James' big brother. Even his siblings has annoyed him before, t
  • Belgium: She is a little sisters to Netherlands, who is also his ex's.

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