San Francisco

Natalie Jones


San Francisco

Human Name

Nathalie Jones



Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Color



America (Brother)
California (Brother)


"Peace bro!"


The City and County of San Francisco


City by the bay,Fog city,S.F,Frisco,The City that Knows How,Baghdad by the Bay,Paris of the West.

San Francisco or Nathalie Jones is a fan-made character for Hetalia: Axis Power.Nathalie represents the city and county of San Francisco.Many descride her as a modern-day hippie.


She has blonde hair,Blue eyes and White skin.She is usually seen wearing the hippie-chic get-up.She is fond of wearing sunglasses with lens tinted brown.She always wears a peace symbol necklace.She is seen smiling and with a white flower on her hand.She has a scar in her right arm,signifying the San Francisco earthquake and Fire,but she tattoo a flower over it,now signifying peace and prosperity.


She is nice,friendly,honest and trustworty.She always believes that peace,love and prosperity can change the world.When she is mad, she always resort to the other cheek, seeing that violence can only lead to more violence.She is also friendly with LGBT people,Like Sweden,stating that everybody has their own right to decide who they are.She live in a hand-painted van.With the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop,She state the view is lovely from there,as she feels like she is over-looking the city.She stated that one of the most powerful picture she saw was the picture of a woman demonstrator giving a flower to a military police during an anti-war movement in 1967.She is also against racism,bullying and domestic abuse.



She and America are very close to each other.American doesn't get her hippie chic get-up,but is supportive of her against discrimination.When summer come,he would comes visit her in her van.He also admits that he like the view from her home.


The two are best friends.When he visits her for summer,They would always dress up as hippie chics and would visit Chinatown.


Whenever Russia and America would fight,she is always the one to stop them and would often give them flowers to make-up with.He admire her views against discrimination.His Eurovision entry What If by Dina Gripova has actually touched her.the two are close friends.This went all sour when he introduce the Anti-Gay law.Which she find disgusting and discriminative.


the two are good friends.Unlike the Nordic nations (except Finland).She actually understands him the most.


  • Her birthday is June 29.The day San Francisco is founded.
  • San Francisco is one of the LGBT-friendly cities in the Unted States and the World.
  • She loves seafoods,especially fish and lobsters.
  • Even tought the song What If by Dina Gripova touched her heart,the song San Francisco by Cacada is actually her most favorite song.
  • San Francisco has a strong hippie subculture.
  • Her favorite shows are That's So Raven and the Mighty B!,since they are both set in San Francisco.
  • San Francisco has the worlds oldest Chinatown,a valid reason why she is best friends with China.
  • Her peaceful nature comes frome the low crime rate of her city.
  • Russia said that he has no idea why San Francisco went all sour to him.

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