Sami Haru (サミ春) is part of Fanmade Hetalia and Fanmade Vocaloid.



She wears white short sleved seifuku dress.She has Purple twintie.She wears with medium skirt with thin purple lines.She has has  short white socks,she has black schoolgirl shoes.She has Brown and short hair and Purple eyes.She was said her age is 10,5.She has white and long vocaloid sleeve.


Name Origin

Sami dosent have any meaning.While Haru means spring.


Personality and Interest

A Caring type of girl.She is Generous,Intelegent,Cute (She always be),Diligent,nice,smart.She is loyal to the people that she met,She never get in bad mood.She was born in 21st July.She is a Deredere and Dandere.She is series number 1708.She also funny.


(She can be paired by everyone at least its official)



  • She does not own an official design from Himaruya
  • She is Feminine
  • She is also an Vocaloid of the future (not just fanmade hetalia)
  • She is Singaporean
  • She dosent care about winning things
  • Her character item is Orange Milk
  • She is not a nation/country
  • Dont use her for yandere things

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