Salerno is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. He represents the Principality of Salerno.

Principality of Salerno


170cm (69 in)



Physical Age


Hair Color


Eye Color





None as of yet



Salerno has auburn hair, which is of a dark shade and blue eyes. He is slightly shorter than Veneziano. He also has an off-colour ahoge sticking out from the left side of his head, which is slightly hooked at the end. For his casual clothing, he usually wears a white button-down shirt with a black sailor collar and brown trousers. He does not have any military uniform.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Very little is known about him, aside that he is Romano's younger brother and Senarica's close brother. He is said to enjoy fishing and trekking. Like Romano, he is quite rude and vulgar, but is overall happier than his brother. Salerno claims that this is so because he wakes up early and cooks for himself. Unlike Romano, he is not such a coward and is generally fearless of almost everything.


South ItalyEdit

They are brothers and Salerno admires Romano and relies on him as well. They both seem to get along with each other and it is implied that they live together as well, since Salerno complains about Romano being reliant on him to clean the house.


Main Article:Senarica

Both of them are siblings and get along well with each other. They go for fishing together often. He and Senarica are actually stronger than the Italy twins combined, leaving he and his sister worrying about the future of their brothers.


  • Salerno has no birthday, although he has a birthyear, 851, which is the year the Principality of Salerno was formed. Salerno having no birthday is probably a reference to Chronicon Salernitanum ('Salerno Chronicle'), an anonymous chronicle about the Principality of Salerno.
  • His actual age is 1160 years old as of 2011.
  • Salerno is actually on the brink of dissolving, as he is, like Germany and Prussia's brothers and Prussia himself, an inactive nation. Despite this, he still remains optimistic and tries not to think about death. He has hopes of being reincarnated as the Province of Salerno.
  • His possible human names are Vittore, Petrus, Enrico and Marco. He most likely shares the same last name as Romano.

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