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São Paulo

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Matheus Silva



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January 25

Matheus Silva is a fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Power.He represents the city of São Paulo,Brazil.


He has black hair,Black eyes and a tannish complextion.His hair is messy and but straight.His has an amazing physique any girl would kill each other for.He has also have the most amazing facial feature that would have put Alexander Ludwig and Ryan Gosling to shame.He has the same height as Sweden and Russia,making him the tallest of all Brazilian cities which is innacurate because height of a common Brazilian man is  169.0 com (5' 6.5").He is commonly seen with a green long-sleeve polo,yellow tie and dark blue jeans.

Personality and InterestEdit

Like common Brazilians,he love soccer.He would always play soccer with his friend and brothers.He is also good with a guitar and the drums,and is very good with the samba (but will never be as good as Rio's).He is also the eldest, along with São Vicente,a city in Brazil.He is good at Capoeria,and usually performs this on the streets or use it as self-defense.He is an otaku,and usually listens to J-pop,watch Japanese Drama and Anime.He is openly gay.


Rio De JaneiroEdit

His brother and practically his main rival in almost EVERYTHING.He recalls everytime when the BOC (Brazilian Olympic Committee) selects a potential host city,the BOC always picks Rio more than him.Rio always put his samba,soccer and capoeria skills to shame.But despite of everything, he loves his brother forever.


His aunt.She found him playing in the woods and adopted him as her own nephew.There,she tought him many things and even manage to convert him to christianity (although he admitted that he has know idea what she is doing so he just plays along).Two centuries later after his founding.Now 16,he became the most improvished village.He manage to survive hunger by grown crops that are native to his land.Also,for a long time,was the only village inside Brazil's interiors.

Years later,

to be continued

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