Ryukyu Islands when her hair was cut short by Japan.


Used to have long hair but was forced to be cut short by Japan. Usually wears a kimono or something she could wear with long sleeves ( as shown in the picture ) She has black hair and black eyes. 

Personality and Interests Edit

Ryukyu Islands is a really kind , energetic girl , before she was taken away from China. Now , she's just a shy and calm girl who is usually quiet. She lives in a hidden room in Japan's home. She rarely comes out. When she would come out she would be holding a manga book and only comes out just to eat something. She only has contact to the outside world when she tries to escape from Japan. She also sometime's ends her sentences with aru~ ( since she always heard China end his sentences like that ). 

Relationships Edit

China / Wang Yao - China was the one who discovered Ryukyu Islands. He treated her like if Ryukyu was his younger sister. Then in 1879 , Japan took Ryukyu away from China. 

Japan / Honda Kiku - The person who Ryukyu calls "Aniki" ( older brother ). He was the one who took Ryukyu away from China and also was the one who cut Ryukyu's hair. 

Age : 21

Height : 5'3 

Weight : 90 lbs. 

Birthday : Unknown ( until I figure it out ) 

Links Edit <----Official Ryukyu Islands ( OC ) page on facebook ( only ) created by the exact same person who created this article thing ( RyukyuKotomi ) 

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