Russia/Crimea is a popular heterosexual ship between Russia and Crimea. Many people believe that Crimea might harbor feelings towards Russia due to some speculations of real current events that is ongoing as a dispute. The ship is usually referred to as "RusMea" or "Crissia". Sometimes, some fans refer the ship name to be "Cold and Warm"


Crimea's relation with Russia was always very slippery due to the fact that he invaded her when she was the Crimean Khanate and annexed her land. Even to this day under his control, Crimea still feels bitter and wishes every day that Russia can perish and become a nation like Prussia: Forgotten. It shows that she still has a grudge against him as said in the 2009 strip that she would rather be with Ukraine rather than Russia due to his "terrorizing and immature" behaviours. She usually sees Russia as a child and often believes hes incredibly immature. When she was annexed by him, she had shown emotionless behaviours towards him, indicating that she would never smile for him even if she was forced to. She holds a major grudge against him for the deportation of her peoples in 1944 and how he left a mess in her land after the Crimean War alongside his mother. She refers to him these days as an "invader" and "disruption of her independence". Crimea knows the polls to join his nation was forced since Sevastopol forced her to vote Yes.

However, some people think Crimea actually likes Russia, and hated Ukraine all along, and was only playing the "nice act" and even said that she was parading on the streets when she joined Russia, while other say that she actually hated Russia for what he had done. But none really knew what happened due to the lack of international observers to see how she was really feeling.

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