Rome (ローチE/span>, Rōma) is a fan-made character for the anime and manga series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the capital city of Italy, and received the human name, Raphael.



Rome is a rather energetic looking child with dark brown curls and eyes, and honey-coloured skin. He usually dresses in semi-traditional clothing, with a smart black coat over dark green breeches, a white shirt, and a red neck-ribbon, occasionally accompanied by a dark cap.


While his straight-forwardness can make him come off as rude, Rome is a playful, quick-witted, and patient young boy with a big heart. He has a huge appreciation for art, music, literature and architecture, particularly for churches and cathedrals, and he likes to drink coffee to the point of disintegrating without it.

Rome is very expressive, and often accompanies his words with energetic gestures, waving his arms up and down when he's excited, and running around in circles when he's distressed. He can also go from place to place extremely quickly without showing any signs of tiredness. Despite his cheerful energy and physical weakness, Rome is hard-working and openly proud of his achievements, and quick to bound back when critisized.

Just as Italy's ready-to-hand tool is a white flag, Rome carries a fork, from dessert forks to gigantic carving forks, depending on the situation. He is also very religious and carries a crucifix about his neck at all times. 



While they both cheerfully acknowledge that they would rather stay out of the way than fight, they care for the other immensely, although Rome is more scandalised at Italy's choice of, or lack of, clothing, and spends a lot of time running around and trying to find him something to wear.


  • His human name is inspired by the artist Raffaelo Santi, or Raphael.
  • Rome's birthday, 29th June, corresponds with Rome's Patron Saint Day.
  • Forks are thought to have been first invented in Rome.
  • NB: There may be some historical inaccuracies on this page. If any is found, notifiying the maker of this page would be much appreciated. Please do not use, copy, or edit any content in this page without the permission of the writer. Thank you.

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