Slovenia (スロベニア Surobenia), officially the Republic of Slovenia/Republika Slovenija,  is a fan made character for Hetalia by GarnetAquarius on, developed on QueenSpicyTea (formerly LullabyIrken) on deviantART. Her human name is Ksenija Cvercko ((K-s-ehn-yuh Kver-k-oh (?))).

Slovenia by xprussiantomatox-d61ltq2

((Art by xPrussianTomatox on dA))

((Please do not edit without my permission))


Slovenia has long, light blonde hair. She usually wears Slovenian Folk Dress. Her eyes are brown. She's 5'3".


Slovenia is easily jealous and selfish, and complains a lot. She likes to garden, sing, travel, and enjoys wine and beer. She speaks a few languages. She loves adventure, and plays the violin.

Brief HistoryEdit

Around 745, she was Carantania, which, when incorperated into Carolingian Empire, introduced Christianity.

Shortly in the nineth century she was a regional power, but Hungary invaded and things didn't really work out. She somewhat just existed around until 976, and the two didn't really like each other. She was lead by a lot of feudal families.

During the early modern period, Slovenia was pretty badly damaged by the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars. In a somewhat retaliational manner, she did a pretty good job in helping to beat Turkey in the Battle of Sisak. Then there were several peasant revolts.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there was a pretty good peace. In the Illyrian Provinces, Ljubljana was the capital.

World War I was a hard time for Slovenia. Her people were treated horribly like many Europeans, and many were drafted into the Astro-Hungarian army. Around this time she joined into Yugoslavia, and was renamed to Drava Banovia.

During WWII her lands were divided amongst several countries. Like other European countries, she again suffered great casualties and damage. Following WWII there was a lot of political unrest. Eventually gaining independance again, her name has officially been the Republic of Slovenia since 1990.



Slovenia and Italy get along well. She often invites him over to drink with her.


Hungary and Slovenia are now like those two girl pals that are the best of friends.


While they get along well and Slovenia appreciates his firm support of her independance and path into the EU, they still bicker a lot over smaller issues.


Macedonia and Slovenia are good friends.


Croatia and Slovenia are a bit like frenemies, though nothing arises from their bickering too major.


  • Her birthday is December 26, corresponding to Independance and Unity Day. This makes her a Capricorn.
  • She is Roman Catholic.
  • Her human age is 23.
  • Her capital is Ljubljana.
  • She loves Medenjaki and Štruklji.



Any OCs in this article besides Slovenia are simply used to show relations and how interactions would go and are not uses of any specific OCs of said countries, states, provinces, etc.

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