Puteri Kirana is a Fanmade Hetalia. She represents one of Indonesia's City,Samarinda.



She wears a Short sleeved Persisam Football Shirt,a Yellow Veil,a white pants with a orange lines,a medium white socks and a black shoes. She has a black eyes and a medium lenght blueish black hair (Cant be seen if she wears her veil). She also wear a white Vocaloid sleeve.


Name Origin

her human name,Puteri or Putri,meaning princess in Indonesian and Kirana is a common Female name is Indonesia.



She is a Tomboy Girl who loves to play Soccer. She is a big fan of Persisam Indonesia,thats why she wears a Persisam Football shirt all the time. She is a Patient,Soft and Polite spoken young lady. She likes to sing. She is also a cheerful, warm girl. Very high-spirited and full of energy. She is classified as a Lolicon.



Japan (Kiku Honda)

A few years past,they usually fight. But,Kirana dosent want to fight with him. And now,They both are being nice together. And Japan has a Crush on her.


Like Japan,They usually fight. But,Kirana dosent wanna fight with him either.  And now,They both are Friends.


He is the one who teach Kirana to play football. Actually,Cameroon has a crush on her. But she dosent know who to choose,Japan or Cameroon.


He is a older brother to Kirana,he always protect Kirana from harm (even Kirana dosent have any Brother or sister... XD) She always calls him 'Onii-chan'.

Himeka Asakawa 

They were best friends since kindergarten. They love to share things. Himeka always goes to Her house,and Kirana always goeas to Himeka's House. They like help someone in need. They also study together exept on exams. They always been in a same class and they were deskmates.

(She now gets along with all hetalia characters Exept France and Philipines)-From creator


  • She is 14 years old
  • She was born at 6th of November

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