Principate 'd Andorra (English: Principality of Andorra) is a fan-made character for the manga/anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers

Basic InfoEdit

Human Name: Nicolau Remei Bonaventura

Age: 1.209 years old

Human Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male


Nicolau has dark, chocolate brown hair that goes to just under his chin. His eyes are a similar color, only with a gold-ish tint to them.

He is often seen wearing a plain grey t-shirt, dark blue, faded jeans, a ruby ring on his right hand, and occasionally he is seen with a rifle.


France (Francis Bonnefoy): Nicolau sees France as a half-brother, and an elder at that. Considering he is under the rule of Spain's Bishop of Urgell, and France's President.

Spain (Antonio Carriedo Fernandez): Along with France, Spain is seen as an elder half-brother towards Nicolau

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt): After signing the peace treaty with Germany, and effectively ending WW1, Nicolau remained on good terms with him, yet Nicolau prefers being alone instead of having contact with others


Nicolau is seen as a calm person, he's fun-loving and enjoys being outdoors. He's got a child-like demeanor at times, along with being oblivious and stubborn. He also hates being called by his middle name (Remei).

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