The Principality of Wales is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers created by Himaruya Hidekaz. He is a dissolved nation that represents the dissolved Principality of Wales and is called Ty in short, after his Welsh name Tywysogaeth Cymru. In 2011, he was given the name Emrys Gwynedd.

Principality of Wales

Physical Age





177cm (Around 69.69 in.)

Hair Color


Eye Color



19 March

Death Anniversary

3 January



Ty had blonde hair and emerald eyes. He had several scars on his body and had a tooth that poked out of his mouth which resembles a fang. He mostly wore a red and gold cape over pair of brown pants and boots. He wore no shirt and instead, he used bandages to wrap up the upper half of his body. He also bandaged his hands.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Ty was a violent with a lust of blood and he fought often. He killed people just for the fun of it. It is said that this behaviour was more evident in his later years, having being driven mad. Before that, he was still quite violent but not to the extent of killing people for no reason. He got angry easily and had mood swings. Despite this, it was said that he was a loyal soldier and faithful friend before that.

Being the one of the eldest brothers of the modern-day UK brothers, his direct younger brother is Wales, who inherited his hair and eye colors. Although Ty could be merciless and excessively violent in battle, he took good care of Wales.


Ty represents the Principality of Wales, which is now part of modern Wales and is two-thirds of it. It is unknown if Ty really was a principality, but the term is often used to describe him. As for Ty's human name, Emrys means 'immortal' in Welsh while the surname Gwynedd was taken from the name of the first prince of Wales Owain Gwynedd.



Wales takes after his elder brother Ty in appearance and not much in personality. Ty raised the younger Wales as an elder brother/father figure. However, Wales does not remember Ty that much, other than 'Big Brother got hurt trying to protect me'. It is possible that Wales lost most of his memories of Ty after he died, succembing to Wales and becoming a part of him.


  • Ty's birthday, 19 March, corresponds with the date the Statute of Wales was promulgated, 19 March 1284
  • Ty's death anniversary, 3 January, corresponds with the date the Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 was repealled, 3 January 1995, although Ty's death year is 1415.

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