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20px-Flag of Andorra svg Principality of Andorra (Principat d'Andorra)

Human Name:

Josè Amelie Bartumeu (ホセアメリバーソロミュー Hose Ameri Bāsoromyū)




September 8



Hair Color:

Dark blonde

Eye Color:



160 cm

Nyotalia Name:

Joan Nicolas Bartumeu


hungary & hungary's watch

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Andorra ( アンドラ Andora) name complete Principality of Andorra, is a fan-made character for the manga/anime series: Hetalia Axis Powers and she represents the microstate Andorra.


Andorra has long hair, wavy and a little 'curly, also has a bunch, symbolizing the Mt. Coma Pedrosa. She usually wears a white shirt covered by a sleeveless khaki jacket and a purple mini skirt with long socks burgundy and black pumps. In winter she wears a khaki wool coat whit a combined cap and a pair of black snow boots. She is also whitewASHED.

Personality and Interests Edit

Andorra is a girl seems timid and insecure, but in reality is a strong girl and sweet. She has always admired Charlemagne and also helped in the battle against the Moors and was the first who recognized it as a state. It is said that she didn't know to cook so he asked help at his older brother France, but not being satisfied with the result she also asked help to Chibi Romano, who at that time, were very good friends. In fact, its dishes are influenced by the culture of French and Italian.

She hates her older brother France, because he always the better of her. Characterially, she is vain and a little bit dizzy (due to its French influence) instead of Spain took the character sweet, solar and the passion for music and dance.
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