Player 2 - 2p!PhilippinesEdit

2P!Philippines is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia fan made character of the original Philippines. She is "Another Color," in the 2p universe. Being a lesser known Player 2, she is not as developed in the terms of appearance or personality as some of the more popular characters.

She does not have a official human name, but a few websites made a fan name for her, which is "Mariella Dela Cruz"

Philippines is a fan made character, and is not shown in Hetalia yet.Edit


She has raven black hair usually let down.Philippines has many scars on her face, due to the wars she had experienced from the other countries.

She is usually seen in a red shirt, and a long black skirt that goes to her shins. She also wears blood red boots and has black leather gloves. But, her appearance varies. Sometimes, she is seen with a long, black dress with a white leather jacket.


Her personality is cruel and uncaring. She is apathetic towards strangers and acts very rude towards them.

Her weapon of choice is a Bolo knife, and she keeps a stash of knives in her boots.

It is hard for her to make friends because she has trust issues, and keeps her guard up. She also hates mangoes and tries to keep it away from her.



Spain helped find Phillipines find her country.He feels like a father to her, though Philippines is bitter towards him due to him colonizing her country. Though she feels bitter towards him she is still find keeping the cross he gave to her.


Japan has a crush on Philippines though Philippines has a strong hatred due to the wars that happened between them and the way Japan was acting hostile towards her since he respected her after the war they had.


Philippines has a strong hatred to him even though he tries to save her from Spain, she still feels bitter and rude about him.