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Philippines is a tanned skin girl with curled, semi-long, choppy dark brown hair with bangs swept to the side. Her outfit is inspired by the traditional baro't saya, the Philippines' national outfit for women. Her attire consists of the following; a thin white blouse, knee length red skirt, and a pair of red sandals. She is seen to wear two accessories; Sampaguita flowers , Philippines' national flower found on the left side of her head. And a cross necklace around her neck, representing Philippines main religion, Roman Catholicism.


Philippines is an assertive girl who always tries to be optimistic and cheerful even though she often experiences bad luck. She fights for what she believes in so she can be stubborn. She is kind to other countries and willing to help them with their problems. She loves traveling around other countries and trading with them. She likes the fruit mango. Her hobbies consists of singing (especially in Karaoke), playing basketball, and watching anime. "


    She isn't always in good relations with Spain because of his claim on the Philippines as one of his colonies for 333 years. She sees him like a father, but the kind of father who is overprotective of her. Even after being sold to America, she still practices what Spain had left her.E.g: architecture and the religion.

   Philippines likes America because of their mutual help during the Pacific war. And because of that, she takes him as a brother she can depend on.

   Philippines has the same trouble with Japan as she is to Spain because of his invasion. But she gets over it easily, since most of the time Filipinos themselves bring Japanese culture to their country. And she manages to adjust. But somehow Japan develops feelings for Philippines and vice versa

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