Francisco Atahualpa Llosa is a fan-made character for Hetalia: Beautiful World. He represents Peru and his birthday is July 28th (although his real birthday is on March 20th, 1497). Appearancely, Peru is 36 years old but is meant to look younger. He was Atahualpa, the last Inca emporor, before he became after his reawaking the representor of Peru.



He has long black hair, a large face with black eyes, an prominent aquiline nose and copper skin, like native South Americans look like. He's 1,80 metres tall.

He's always seen in a long white shirt with a brown sweater vest over that, dark red trousers with golden leg bracelets and golden sandals or dark brown shoes. He wears very rarely the peruvian military uniform.

He always wears a blue scarf to cover his strangulation scars on his neck, reminding him of his past as Inca Atahualpa, and his end. His scarf is meant to have an own soul. So Peru use them like tentacles, for example, if he'll hug or grab someone. He's anytimes carrying a golden ax (champi), too.


He's convoyed by his own Mochi version, "Atamochi"/"PeruMochi". His other pets are a pigeon named "Paloma" he knows since he was still a zombie; a peruvian pinguin named "Patranka"; a few llamas with names "Pacha", "Cocha" and "Mama" and a Humboldt squid with name "Supay".

Personality and InterestsEdit

Peru is a cheerful, gentle and handsome man, who can be sometimes cruel and devilish on the other hand. He's always nice to anyone and calls all nations of the world his friends, but if someone argued him, he'll bully and creep them a lot.

Peru ends with or adds in some sentences Quechua words like "ari", that means "yes". When Peru greets people, he says "Napaykhullayki", meaning "Hello". Another notable quote from him is "Rikuyki" - "I see you" or "Rikuni" - "I see". He also has a quirk to say "Pe", when he's showing happiness.

His hobbies are tourismn, cooking, history, folklore and reading gossip magazines from all around the world.

In his former "life", before he became Peru, he was the great Inca Atahualpa, who lived in wealth and luxory. But in 1532, when Pizarro and his boss Spain conquered his empire and captured him, he was executed one year later after paying his ransom. Later, Atahualpa's soul came back to his body, and so he walked as zombie behind Pizarro and his compangion, till Spain tamed him to work on his plantations. In 1542, Atahualpa came free from his slavery and called himself "Viceroyalty of Peru", forgotten his former boss Tawantinsuyu, who "died" in 1572. In 1824, Peru already kicked Spain's ass.

Althroght nearly forgotten his kingdom, Pacha Mama visited him every year, which has caused him to remember his past. She is also his best ally now. Pacha Mama is the Incan goddess of the Earth and nature. So she's the conterpart of Russia's General Winter.

When Peru is upset, the white of his eyes will turn yellow, his pupils will shrink and he begins to chant Quechua curses (QUECHUA CURSES ARE NOT FUNNY!!), to threat and fright others into submission.



As AtahualpaEdit

March 20th, 1497: About five years after Columbus discovered America, the Princess of the Shyri tribe bore the Inca Huayna Capac a son, who's given the name Atahualpa.

1527: Huayna Capac died. Shortly before, the old Inca divided the Inca Empire between his oldest son, Huascar, and his favourite one, Atahualpa.

1528-1532: After many quarrels, the Inca Civil War broke out. At it's end, Atahualpa defeated Huascar and sent his brother into prison.

November 15th, 1532: First meeting with a few Spainiards commanded by Hernando de Soto and, eventually, Antonio Fernández Carriedo (Spain). They invited him to come to visit their gouvernour, Francisco Pizarro. Atahualpa came in the next day to meet Pizarro. But the Spainiards trapped the Inca and massacred many attendants.

1533: Atahualpa offered the Spainiards his later world famous ransom - a large room filled with gold and two smaller rooms with silver. Pizarro, who became his friend the time before, agreed. Three months later,enough gold and silver were brought to the Ransom Room in Cajamarca, filling the cell. But although payed his ransom, the Spainiards let execute Atahualpa in August, 29th (actually July, 26th) by strangling with the garrote (instead of burning because he was baptisted into the Christian faith under the name Francisco/Juan Santos Atahualpa). However, the skin of his lower body part and the half of his left foot were burned after his death.

Breakdown of the Inca Empire and Viceroyalty PeruEdit

1533: Shortly after his christian burial, Atahualpa's corpse disappeared mysteriously from his christian grave. But the people didn'd cared about this, they thought, some Natives had stolen the Inca's body. But they will be wrong...

1534: A hadlum man, who terrorized the Spainiards, was brought to Antonio Carriedo. This man heard on the name "Francisco" and seemed to be mentally disabled. But Carriedo incorporated Francisco and tamed him to work on his hacienda.

1542: In time, the apparently retarded Francisco became more and more "human" and realized, what's going on around him. Then he rebeled against his boss Antonio and his slavery and proclaimed himself as "Peru". Antonio tamed his rebel plantation worker, but accepted him as "Viceroyalty of Peru" under his control. Francisco married Dafne (Chile) shortly after.

1560: Because of some roits, Francisco was dispatched by Antonio to the cloister of Lima.

1572: Tupac Amaru was executed. Francisco, now Dominican monk, begone to feel with the natives of Spain's colony. He has known, that he was one of the native "Incas", in his "first" life, he still doesn't know...

1594: Francisco met the young Mulatto named Martin de Porres. They became friends.

1606: Francisco became friend with a young woman named Isabel Flores de Oliva, who joined the Dominicans and called herself Rosa de Lima.

1617: Rosa de Lima died. Francisco had lost his best friend.

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