Arman is a fictional character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents the Persian Empire.


Human name


Age appearance



6 feet 6 inches


160 pounds

Languages spoken

Persian (Farsi)



Arman is very tall and muscular. He has short, curly dark brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes.

He wears a long sleeved white tunic that reached his knees, white pants, white flat shoes, a black rounded hat and sometimes he would wear a llong sleeved tan jackets that reaches his ankles.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Arman is very interested in old classic literaturre and has many books containing old stories, poems and songs written by Persian authors. He also takes a keen interest in the Islamic religion. He also is very military minded and was very good at battle.

Arman was also very wise and fatherly and took very good care of Bano and he adored her and was very paternal. He taught her many things including how to fight. He was also very protective of her and he still is.

But unknown to most people except for Bano, he is very kind and peaceful and loves peace and silence and spending time with Bano and generally just being a good dad.


'Arman' is a Persian men's name and it means 'ideals' or 'wish / desire' which is a reference to his military expertise and wisdom.

Relationships Edit

Akantha (Ancient Greece) Edit

Arman and Akantha used to fight a lot and they love insulting and 'taking the mickey' out of each other.

Bano Mahidpur (Iran) Edit

Bano is Arman's daughter and the two of them have a great relationship and Arman was very protective of her and he loved 'showing her off' to the other ancients.

Reka (Scythia) Edit

They have a close relation. Scythia is Persia's sister, and they love eachother very much. Persia is the younger one, but he thinks about the absent-minded Scythia as a little sister to protect. This behaviour caused the death of Assyria.

Ashur Akkadu (Assyria) Edit

Assyria was Arman's western neighbour and one of his worst enemies. Their relationship started to get wrong when Assyria started to be interested in Scythia. Persia couldn't do anything to stop the "Asshole", but once Babylonia get fed up with his brother Ashur's behaviour, so asked Persia to help him in beating Assyria.