Republic of Paraguay (República del Paraguay)

Full Human Name:

Daniel de Irala.




May 15th, 1811.




5.6 feet




Dark Brown



Special Features:

His ahoge represents the Paraguay River and touching it clears stress. His hairband is not removable and it includes the coat of arms of the country, there’s another behind the jacket

If there’s anything more good than fresh bread, that would be Daniel de Irala, the young man with the everlasting smile and a million of friends.

Like a social butterfly and a bit like Spain, the young paraguayan is very friendly, caring and modest, specially in football, though he’s not as obsessive like two of his neighbors. Every once in a while he shows his low self-esteem and a big shyness when he’s near his cousins and his neighbor, mostly because of events of the past that left scars on him, scars he tries to hide.

With the flowing of time and wars he has proved to be strong and able to forgive others for prior acts which almost took his life.

He gets along with his neighbors and he’s part of Martín’s “National Park”, in which the argentinian is “national ranger, protector of chastities” only because it’s his cousing we’re talking about (Beware, don’t flirt with Paraguay, Martín has a barbecue at hand and he knows how to use it.)


When he was a child he lived in the Spanish house with his siblings. After Argentina got his independence, he did the same, and won after the spanish governor surrender. Time passed and Paraguay started a war with Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay, he lost a vast part of his territory and almost ended with his life. Years later, it started another war with Bolivia, ending in a weird sense, only losing a bit of his territory.

Today, Paraguay it's just other normal country in peace with their siblings, even if they suspend him on the Mercosur. He is a member of "La Mafia del Mate" with Argentina and Uruguay.

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