OWK Chibi

Drawn by Buono Tomato

Other World Kingdom is a fanmade character for the webcomic and anime Hetalia. She's supposed to represent the micronation of Other World Kingdom, located in Černá, Žďár nad Sázavou District, Czech Republic.

All rights go to Ewndy. Do not change without permission.

Appearance Edit

Other World Kingdom is an attractive young woman, with long blonde hair and narrow blue eyes, framed with long, thick eyelashes. She has an hourglass figure, and usually dresses to show off her curves to the best of her advantage. She's usually shown wearing tight red or black dresses, and fishnet tights, as well as shirts and shorts that are less then modest, to represent her big beliefs in BDSM, and to show off her "forbidden" figure to the men that she loathes so much.

She's quite tall, has a voluptuous body, and has a big chest and bottom. She usually wears sandals or high heels.

Personality Edit

Other World Kingdom goes beyond feminism- her hatred of men is actually quite shocking, but her beliefs in BDSM is the only exception for allowing a male into her life. She's a major pervert, and can be quite frightening if allowed to talk about men.

She's a fast talker, and people can't always understand what she says sometimes. She's absolutely shameless, and is extremely confident in herself. Sometimes, she can't really tell when to stop talking, and her big mouth gets her into a lot of trouble sometimes.

She doesn't make a lot of friends, probably because everyone's much too afraid of her to approach her, let alone talk to her, but when presented with a friend she's loyal and a good listener, and never tells a secret. She's a good friend, but people don't often take her offer of friendship seriously.

She's also very fashionable, and can be quite dramatic when she wants to be.

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