Chloe Jones is a fanmade character for the series Hetalia Axis Powers and World Series. She represents the independent city of Orange County and is seen to be a 6 year old girl living with her 16-year old caretaker, Los Angeles.


Orange County has shoulder-length black-brownish hair worn in a ponytail with orange hair pins and clips and a wild curl popping out in front with coffee colored skin and dark brown eyes. She often wears a red pair of knee-length overalls and a light green undershirt with white sneakers.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Orange County is a sweet girl who is very helpful and is the youngest of the Beachfront Family. Her caretaker, Los Angeles, says that she isn't all that great when in debt and in bankruptcy, saying that "She is unable to eat anything." The only products she being allowed to eat or drink with being sausage, overripe fruit, and tap water. Due to this, she tries to conserve as much as she can, yet is overly affluent.

She was seen as a farmer, due to all of the crops that grew in her county. She ranched cattle, and sold some to Los Angeles for meals. In 1994, Orange County woke up sick and Los Angeles asked her what was wrong. She responded saying that she had a bug in her stomach. She later found out it was a scheme by a treasurer and it made the bankruptcy the largest in U.S history until one of Alabama's daughters, Jefferson County filed for Chapter 9


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