Jorvik Mercia Kirkland


Northern England






March 8

Hair Color:


Eye Color:




Jorvik Mercia Kirkland is a fan-made character for the series, Axis Powers Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Appearance And PersonalityEdit

She resembles a cross between England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but has behaviour similar to Netherlands, only shown towards her brother England, but when not her brother, is mostly kind and gentle. Northern England wears a similar costume to her brother, has long flowing blonde hair, and is a friend and ally to England's brothers, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, even France. America is also considered a friend, but both never say so to England.

Relationships Edit

America Edit

America became a close friend to Northern England, when she decided to help babysit him for her brother, and as he grew older, she insisted that he should gain independence from England. Since then, the two enjoy their chat in private from England, seeing that they both have many things in common with each other.

England's Brothers Edit

Northern England is the only member of England's side of the family, to actually become allies with his three brothers, mostly with Wales and Scotland, who insisted her on playing pranks on their brother. At times, you could hear them say that Jorvik's(Northern England) the Angel, whilst Arthur's(England) the Devil!

France Edit

A love relation that's never to be, with France so distracted with England and Scotland, he never had time or even a chance to see her. Scotland sometimes encourage her that one day they would properly meet.

England Edit

Northern England's Brother, who always bosses her about, telling her what to do and forcing her to fight his battles when all she wanted is some piece and quiet.

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