Im Hyung Soo


The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)





Hair color


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August 15th (Korean Liberation Day)

Im Hyung Soo is a fan-made character of the Hetalia:Axis Powers series. Being the representation of North Korea, he is the older twin brother for Im Yong Soo.


APH North Korea by Lo wah

Hyung Soo has the same face as his younger twin brother, and has an ahoge (though it curls downwards and usually has a scowl on its face). His bangs slightly cover the right part of his face, and his hair is longer and tied into a braid. He usually wears his dark green military uniform, though he also has the same kind of hanbok as Yong Soo, though his jeogori is either red or purple.


In North Korea's creator's doujinshi, The Tale of Two Koreas, he was described as a calm, serious and strict person who scolded Yong-Soo whenever he gets into trouble (his childhood), but was still kind at heart. Despite their contrasting personalities, they were close brothers before the split.

In 2007, Himaruya stated that he had a male North Korea character in mind that would be a musician who was fond of reading and dancing, as well as being more timid in personality than South Korea. However, South Korea (actual country) banned Hetalia from being aired in their own area and called it a "national crime" and "It insulted all south Koreans", the creators were sued and forced to remove South Korea from the anime. Because of this trouble, the creator didn't want to take a chance with North Korea and threw away his concept designs.

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