New Taipei City, Taiwan




New Taipei City

Human Name

Lin Piao, Piao Lin


11-12 (appearance)


December 25



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Light brown (Sometimes a dark amber)


134 cm (4'5)

New Taipei City, Taiwan is a fanmade character for the anime and manga: Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the city of New Taipei City, Taiwan.


He usually has his hair in a low ponytail, much like China. He also has a small curl at the end of his ponytail, like his sister, Taipei, Taiwan. He wears a loose and sleeve-less Qipao, but is a dark red with golden trimmings. He wears white, puffy pants with a yellow cuffs at the ends and red shoes with yellow trimmings. He usually has a poker face onHe has a small frame like his sister, Taipei. He has a birthmark that looks like the Yin Yang symbol on his right arm. He can use a katana.


He is much like Hong Kong, but he is very feminine, since he has 2 girl siblings. He is very fashionable and dislikes ugly clothing like the rest of the family. He is seen praticing Tai Chi, gardening, shopping, or cooking. He sometimes is seen smiling and laughing, which is rare. He is usually seen with his sisters or Japan.


Taipei, TaiwanEdit

Is the slightly older sister of Piao.They seem to be defensive of each other and usually is seen together.


Is his big sister. They both love(family) each other and Taiwan usually tries to persuade him to cosplay, but fails to do so.


Is a close friend. They practice using their katanas together and Japan shows him more of his culture.


Is a teacher-like person to him. They try to bond with each other several times, but it always gets awkward. 

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