New Jersey
Snooki as New Jersey a.k.a Snowy Polizzi


New Jersey


Snowy/Mamma Mia/Guida/Loudmouth/Snookie/Partyb***h




the State of New Jersey

New Jersey aka Snowy Polizzi,is a fanmade character for Hetalia:Axis Power.She represents the State of New Jersey (in a very bad way).


She looks like Snooki,From Jersey Shore.She is short in hight,Tanninsh Skin (probablly due to her weekly visit's in her favorite tanning salon),Balck Hair,and a little Chubby,her fashion sence are being describe by America as a funny looking joke or worst, a hipster,despite this,she always wear this kind of fashion as she do as she please,like most Guido's,she has a italian-accent,much to Italy and Romano's annoyance.


Alot of Nations and Friends call her a "partyb***h",due to her constant partying,drinking,gambling,and giving awful love advice (in which Greece tried once to Japan,as a result,it ended in catastrophe),She is also being describe as a Loudmouth,as always swears at people who put up a fight with her (one time she wrestled LayCool and won due to LayCool foulmouth her in wrestlemania),in short,she has an awful personality,despite she always a covers it as a "Jersey thing".She is always way too stuck-up.

Legal TroublesEdit

Due to her being a partyanimal,she oftens gets in trouble with the law (which America has always had to get her out of it),one of this is when she scream to the neigborhood that "i'm a b***h and i love it" really loud,causing alot of the neigborhs being disturb,and one time while she was driving, she didn't look (and couldn't read) at the stop sign and cause a car crash on stoped car,where she was set to jail for ten minutes.


America[Alfred F.Jones]

Despite being his sister,he always gets annoyed by her and her antics and her party habits,because of this,he always had to get her out of situtations that she cause,however,also cares for her because he state that "she can't even let the house to be spotless in one second"

Italy[both Feliciano and Romano]

She has a crush on both of them due to her love of italian culture,however they don't like her back because they thought she is always crazy,one time Snowy spoted them and they tried to runaway from her (with Feliciano screaming for Germany for help),because of this,the three have a strain relationships


The two tagwrestling girls both despise Snowy,when the two of them foulmouthed her in wrestlemania,she challengend them,being backed-up with John Morrison and Trish Stratus,She,John and Trish won the challenge,which Alfred thought is unacceptable


  • She is a reference to Jersey Shore starlet,Nicole"Snooki"Polizzi
  • Her catchphrase is "it's a Jersey thing"
  • Her having a brawl with LayCool is actually came from the fact that Snooki Wrestled them on Wrestlemania,with John Morrison and Thrish Stratus on her side
  • Like Snooki,She does have a eating disorder
  • Her name came from the So Random! sketch Real Princess of New Jersey character,Snowy,which makes her a perfect fit for being way too stuck up.

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