New Italia/Nouveau is a fanmade pairing for the fanmade characters The Kingdom of New Italia and The Kingdom of Nouveau Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving Alessandro Vargas (The Kingdom of New Italia) and Marie Bonnefoy (The Kingdom of Nouveau). This pairing is sometimes reffered to as ItaliaNouve, a portmanteau of their respective names.


Alessandro first met Marie when he was visting France with the two Italys. A friendship was struck up between them and they forged an allience and started trading soon after. It is possible that it was at this time that Alessandro developed a crush on Marie.

The Independence War

During The Independence War, Marie was given financial and military support from Alessandro, although he himself didn't participate in the war. It was during this time that Marie grew to have fond feelings for Alessandro, which would one day lead to love.

The War of the Faiths

Much like during The Independence War, Marie offered support for Alessandro during The War of the Faiths. Although she was growing closer to Klause (Fritz Land) and had developed strong feelings for him, she still put Alessandro first.

World War One

During the first world war, Alessandro and Marie were both neutral, and while Alessandro wanted to spend more time with Marie, she seemed preocuppied with something else, most likely with Klause.

The Great Depression

During The Great Depression, Alessandro wasn't higly effected, although Marie was and he tried to help her as much as he could. But he grew jealous of Klause when he saw how close he had gotten with Marie and how much of his help was actually being accepted while the help Alessandro offered was only being accepted very reluctantly.

World War Two

During the second world war Alessandro was infuirated when Marie sided with the Allies and not with him. Out of rage and spite he bombed and attacked Nouveau. When the war was over he begged Marie for forgiveness, she said she "would think about it". Alessandro is still waiting for an answer.

Modern Times

While New Italia and Nouveau have a good diplomatic relationship and do a lot of trading, Alessandro and Marie's friendship has changed a lot over the years. It is possible the two of them have drifted apart due to what happened in World War Two and Marie's relationship with Klause. Although it is obvious Alessandro is in love with Marie, he doesn't show it around her and he also doesn't show any resentment towards Klause.


  • It is possible Marie wants to be close to Alessandro, but it is also possible that Marie is afraid of getting hurt again and that prevents her from getting closer to Alessandro.
  • It is possible that Marie may still be in love with Alessandro, but that is unlikely.

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