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NEW England Is a fanmade character in the Webcomic "Hetalia: New Years". (Not to be confused with the American region) He Is the birth child and future sucessor of England. People describe him as "hotheaded ,with a good heart". He is too represent The United Kingdom when England retires.

His best friend is NEW Japan, who he acts as a mentor too.

NEW England appears exclusivly in the webcomic "Hetalia: New Years" a webcomic based around NEW Countries replacing the originals. The Webcomic can be seen at the facebook page "Sorry, Fandom Hetalia. I prefer The Real One" In which it is uploaded at a regular date.


In many ways, NEW England looks exactly like his father. However instead of wearing a uniform, he chooses to wear his fathers old jacket, leaving it unbuttoned while under it he wears a unzipped grey hoody 

Chibi New England

Chibi New England

and a blue shirt.

He wears blue trousers and his father's old boots.

He is often described as "Scruffy looking and unprofessonal" 

Personality and InterestsEdit

NEW England is prone to getting angry at people who are Mean-spirited, rude or insulting. However he seems to keep relativly calm around New Russia to be a good example. This often fails however due to New Russia's childlike personality, she'd end up misbehaving anyway.

NEW England remains proud of his home and leader. Offering to defend it till his last breath.


NEW Japan

New England respects Japan's daughter greatly. Often having dinner parties to share thier latest foods, New England has welcomed New Japan's culture with open arms. Going as far as to learn the language fluidly. When Japan passed away, NEW England became NEW Japan's protector, mentor and sibling, they both work together very well and are always trying to assist the other, and give sibling rivalrys now and then.


Although New England will quickly deny it, he cares deeply for his father and is worried for his saftey due to his disaperance. He will also deny he is nothing like his father, despite the fact he shares the same feelings about his food, however New England is a much better cook than his father.

Gallery Edit

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