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Commonwealth of New Australia

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Victoria Kirkland






January 26th

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130cm (4' 3.2)

Victoria Kirkland is a fan-made character for the anime and manga series: Hetalia: The Beautiful World. She represents New Australia and was born on January 26th. She prefers to be called Viv and is shown to love anything creative; cooking, art, literature, etc. She tries her best to find the positive in every situation that is thrown at her.


New Australia has long, hip-length, brown hair which has a curl similar to Australia's [1], emerald green eyes and, unlike her brother Australia, pale skin which she inherited from England [2]. Her skin tans quite easily from the scorching weather in her country but it always seems to pale after some time. Her body is quite fragile as she is a new country. Seeing as England had found her older brother Australia, she has inherited her father's thick eyebrows. They aren't as severe but are still considered thick.

Personality and InterestsEdit

New Australia at first is a shy and quiet girl who expresses a big interest in the community and the environment. She is quite intelligent for her age and during World Meetings, Germany [3] will ask for her opinion if no other nation can think of an answer. Because New Australia is a new country, she is oblivious to most of the world and tries to devour as much information as she can possibly remember. When she opens up to someone, she is a quiet and unemotional girl. She does not mean to be like this. It is just because she is new to the world and is shy with many of the nations. Although she is shy, she is the free spirit of the Kirkland family. Like England, she is also labelled a 'tsundere [4]' by Japan [5]. Every time this is mentioned, she will claim that she is not a tsundere and is merely isolated and has not experience enough human interactions to understand how to react to their chatter.

This is also the reason some young nations' reasons to be fearful of her. Because she does not have a lot of social skills so she does not know where to draw the line when she is too sarcastic to the point of being rude or too taunting to the point of freaking the victim out.

Because she is a new country, she does not have many interests. Some interests that she has stuck with her is drawing -suggested by Japan-, literature -suggested by England-, reading -suggests by England-, playing video games -suggested by America [6]- and a few more things that other countries have suggested. She enjoys to read 'mangas [7]' or mystery novels.


Australia [8]

The relationship between Australia and New Australia is very strong. She looks up to her older brother highly and will fight with him loyally if she is ever needed. Sometimes she can be rash and rush into battle without the permission of her brother but is smart and will do anything to win in the end. After all, her only reason to win is to protect her older brother, similar to Belarus [9]. She follows her brother wherever he goes and makes sure no one hurts him, physically, emotionally or mentally. She is willing to put herself on the line as long as no one hurts Australia. The only one she would partly surrender to is Russia [10].

China [11]

New Australia and China get along well. She enjoys giving him gifts like cuddly stuffed pandas and panda key rings which he accepts quickly without another thought. She shares his love of pandas with him and attempt to bring China and Japan together, even going as far as threatening him by taking his wok and whacking him into unconsciousness. This threat does not work on China as he knows she would not touch another weapon other than a knife or a wooden sword.

England [12]

New Australia's relationship with England is similar to her relationship with Australia. Though she hates him for taking over her brother's land and destroying or scaring away his native population, she treats him fairly -well, as fairly as she wants to-. Though she looks as if she hates his guts, she really does love him. When alone, they spend time as if they were a normal family. She enjoys to read with England, preferably romance novels. She also likes to brush his hair, saying it's 'really soft'.

At World Meetings, New Australia will defend England against America and France [13] in a way that seems like she is sitting on the fence. This confuses people that watch the fight.

Japan [14]

New Australia has a liking towards Japan. She usually walks with him, complimenting him on things like anime, culture and speech; saying that it must be nice to be able to create your own language. However, she doesn't see him often which usually leads to them to being pen pals. When they are together, they are like two different people: They chat up a storm! England had once witnessed them chatting about doujinshi [15]. When he had asked what doujinshi was, the pair giggled and walked away quickly, leaving a confused England behind.

Liechtenstein [16]

Seeing as Liechtenstein and New Australia are both female representatives, they both get along well. They enjoy talking about their brothers, shopping -though Switzerland [17] does not approve of this- and anything they both enjoy! Every time both Liechtenstein and New Australia are together, Russia seems to come up to them more often, asking them to 'be one with Mother Russia'. They both refuse profusely before running away, frightened of what he might do to them if they stayed. When they arrive back at Liechtenstein's home, they often find Russia hiding in a bush. When they call Switzerland outside, he grabs the nearest thing -usually being a chair- and whacking the holy hell out of Russia who surrenders and escapes and become paranoid for a few days.

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