Nemuri Mizuiro (水色ねむり,Mizuiro Nemuri) is a Fanmade hetalia. At the time of the character's introduction, she had relinquished her status as a Hokkaido Island in human version and now lives as a normal Japanese citizen.



Nemuri is a young girl that wears the pink version of the New Zealand Army Band uniform, which has black cuffs and collar and golden trimming. her skirt is also pink (sometimes white,but white skirt is the most) she also wear Megurine Luka 's boots, a gold emblem in the center. She sometimes wears a golden sash over her right shoulder.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She is a Kuudere that smiles a lot. Nemuri has a quiet older brother. While Sealand and Nemuri is playing outside, Wy spots her in the background while telling her about herself with Sealand when they are finished playing,They both didnt know that Wy  is there. She is good at archery. 



Main Article: SealandEdit

They are Best friends since Kindergarden. Everytime in her birthday,He hugs her as a present,but one day,Nemuri's Older brother pushed Sealand.

Sai Mizuiro

They are brothers and sisters,they were like a good friends.


Main Article: Italy

he helped raise her as a child,They are now a good friends. But,the often fight who is gonna eat a pasta.

-Now,she has many friends-

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