Aizan Nei (ネイ愛山, Nei Aizawa) is a fanmade character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. At the time of the character's introduction,she had relinquished his status as a micronation as a human version of One of Finland’s city,Helsinki. And now lives as a normal Finnish citizen.



Nei is a young lady with Long Tied-low Pigtails Light Pink hair that ends at her Chest. In an appearance after he relinquishes her status as a nation, she wears a sleeveless light pink jacket and a light blue (Sometimes White in some Illustrations) mini skirt. Also she wears a long white socks and a pink shoes. She also has a brown eyes. She wears A Finland Short sleeved Soccer Jersey.

Personality and Interests

She is cute and cool,yet funny and awesome gamer and otaku. She is smartly genius. She is also Feminine and Positive. She's very open towards her feelings and tends to think first and say or act later. She loves pasta and Pizza. She also good at cooking.



Her birthday is December 17th  1995,and her blood type is B. Her age is 19. She can speak any language. 


North Italy:

They really much alike because they both loves pasta veeery much. North Italy calls her “Nei-chan”.


She thinks that he was cool and nice man. He is a Teacher Figure to Nei.


Belgium sometimes jealous about her cuteness and sometimes asks her about things.


He ever go to her house before for having fun and calming himself. He ever had a crush on Nei.  He also calling her “Nei-chan”.


She is a good friend of him. She always make Greece and Turkey stop fighting.


She has a little crush on him. Because Finland always being nice to her and always help her if she is in trouble.

Neo Aizawa:

He is Nei’s Older twin brother. He is also an over-protective Brother.


  • She does not own an official design from Himaruya.
  • She is a Happy girl.
  • She always calm down when She is in trouble.
  • She is a sweethearted and loving girl.
  • She dosent like to be brag and Rude.

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