Celestia is a self-proclaimed micronation. Technechally, she is outer space, claimed by Illinois. Only recently has she come to Earth to learn cultures, due to finding out her "father" was dead. She is staying with Wisconsin currently, and is forced to dye her skin white in public.


Celestia looks like a young woman in her early 20's, although she says she feels older, due to her technecally being created when the universe began. She stands at 5'11, weighing 152 pounds. Her skin looks like the night sky, millions of stars on it. Celestia is forced to dye her skin white, due to wanting to fit in. Her hair is naturally blue, but she dyes it yellow and sticks it in a ponytail. Her eyes are the only thing about her that seem normal, a bright blue color, but she wears colored contacts, the name of the shade being "eggyolk".


Celestia is a strange young micronation, prone to much culture shock (even more than Japan!). She likes her privacy and isolation, usually keeping silent. However, she is very intelligent and knows very much about astronomy, of course, as well as math and science. She can be cynical sometimes, but is usually very friendly. Celestia can also be easily sensitive, due to not having grown a tough skin from years alone. She is a doormat....most of the time. She finds solace with her pet cat, Satalla.

She is on good terms with Sol, the Solar System, since technecally, they are seperate from each other.

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