Nakajima Miya (みや中島,Miya Nakajima) is a fanmade character of Axis Powers Hetalia. At the time of the character's introduction, she had relinquished her status as a micronation and now lives as a normal Singaporean citizen. Her birthday is 28th December.


Miya has long Yellow (but often just said as Blonde) hair, Brown colored eyes, and a slihgtly light skin. Her hair sometimes tied in normal pigtails or tied low. Her hairtie is Orange bow,but sometimes she uses orange rubber. She wears a blue and yellow no sleeved ninja outfit. She also wears blue and yellow skirt. She wears short white socks with yellow line and a black shoes. 

Name OriginEdit

みや/Miya (written in kanji 宮) according to DeyQon,it means Palace. And 中島/Nakajima is a common family name for Japan.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Miya is a quiet,polite speaking,and polite mannered young lady. She is kind hearted and too short and smart for her age of 13. She loves to cook (She is stated that she can cook well). She loves Muffins,waffles,and pancakes. She also likes pasta. She have a younger brother named tako,a bestfriend even they are look-a-like named Yuki Wafuru,and a Childhood friend named Sekaine Daichi. She is a trusting person,maybe thats why she always chosen to be the class leader every year. She dosent know why male and female people are staring her without reasons. She is a great singer. She mainly holding concerts. She is also patient, straight,Friendly,and honest. She is single and creative. She dosent trust French and Filipino.


She can be friends with anyone,you folks can pair her with anyone that you desire. But,dont use her for Yuri,hentai,ecchi,or everything bad.Edit

Other informationEditEdit

  • At first,she represents the Orchard road,one of singapore's road.
  • Age: 13
  • Hates: Horror and pain stories,Horror Film,and Horror songs,Something creepy
  • Loves: Her family and friends,her pet lion
  • Secret fear: being raped
  • Dark secret: She was helped with a white lion (Miya-nyan) before she pets it.
  • Favorite food: Anything,even Englands cooking (She said his cooking was fine)
  • Favorite Drink: Milk,smoothies,juice,and other sweet drinks
  • Favorite Animals: anything that she thinks its cute
  • Pets: Lion named Miya-nyan (宮ニャン)

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