Toki Honda is a fan-made character for the anime series Axis Powers-Hetalia/Hetalia-Axis Powers. She is the personification of the Nagasaki Prefecture and is seen as a 10 year who carries around a Japanese fishing rod.


She appears to have dark brown-black hair tied in a ponytail with a Hydrangea flower with light tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She usually has a light pink or blue spaghetti strapped dress with blue flip-flops and her signature Japanese fishing rod or a woven basket with bread.

Personality And InterestsEdit

Nagasaki is seen to be a girl who enjoys cooking and fishing and has a happy, sparkling aura usually around her. In her childhood days, she was used as a trade port for Europeans, usually Dutch and Portugese merchants. In her childhood days, Netherlands set out for Japan and found Nagasaki, or Chibisaki as a small fishing village. He kicked the Portugese out of the city and Nagasaki and Osaka had started to learn the Dutch language. When the Dutch had left, Nagasaki had become a huge trade port and traded things such as bread and textiles. In that time period, Netherlands was part of Nagasaki's daimyo, much like Osaka's.


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