Hlaing Htay Myat Myo is fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and he represents Myanmar.


Human name

Hlaing Htay Myat Myo

Age appearance



5 feet 5 inches


111 pounds


2 March



Myat Myo looks like an average 14 year old Asian boy. His eyes are dark brown and his hair is short, messy and black. He often wears either a scowl or a smirk on his face.

Myat Myo rarely, if ever, wears traditional Burmese clothes and insteads more dandyish clothes. He usually wears a smart white button down shirt, black pants , a green military coat, black leather gloves and black boots.

At more formal occasions he wears a three-piece suit consisting of a black blazer, a white button down shirt, a black waistcoat with red pinstripes, a black tie tied in a Windsor knot, black slacks with suspenders, white socks and black oxford shoes.

At World Meetings he wears a white oxford shirt, black slacks, a black peacoat and black loafers.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Myat Myo is very arrogant, violent and manipulative. As a result he has very few friends most of the Nations highly dislike him. Some even call him a 'usurper'. However, Myat Myo sees himself as God's gift to the Earth and shows respect to very few people. He is never above manipulating people and lieing to get his own way.

Myat Myo is also an opium addict. He smokes opium from a wodden pipe very often, he has said that he can't go a day without smoking opium. He has also said that smokes opium easily over a dozen times a day. He knows it's a problem but he refuses to seek help.

(I will finish this later.)

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