Miss mushroom kingdom by peachblossom20-d39lr2f

Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom or Caitlin Toadly is a fan made character from the anime/manga Axis Powers Hetalia


she wears a giant mushroom hat, a mushroom choker, and her dress is the same colors as the mushroom. She grows when it touches a red mushroom but shrinks when it hits a brown one. If a flower is touched Mushroom Kingdom is red and shoots fire balls.


Mushroom Kingdom was created by Japan to be a country in a videogame but let her live.


Japan- MK and Japan are best friends and father and daughter.

America- MK and America are friends and like to hang out after Japan and MK are done.

Italy- MK and Italy are better friends than anyone in Hetalia, they always get along no matter what

Germany- MK and Germany are meer allies and that is all.

Sealand- Sealand likes MK more than MK likes him.


  1. Mushroom Kingdom calls her army the Super Bros. refering to Mario and Luigi
  2. Mushroom Kingdom calls enemies the Koopa Troopa a refrence to Bowser.

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