The BegginingEdit

Munich was found by Russia, and was taken to be come Moscow. Russia named her Luna (Russian for Moon, derived from the Latin word Lunar).

Well, Luna didn't like it at Russia's, so one day she ran off and was never to be seen again by Russia, until he found her with the Axis.

Luna was captivated by Germany's beauty in the Rhine River and the beautiful scenery, so she decided to stay.

So there she was, stuck and all alone in the middle of Germany, eventually thinking that this is my enemy's place.

Welp, so Luna was walking along picking up different words and trying to understand, but she didn't speak German. Well, if you're in Germany, and you don't speak German or English, then you have a problem. A major one. And, also, if you don't have the money to learn them, you have an even bigger one. Luna had a mess on her hands, no money, Russian clothing (Which was hot, itchy, and not made for the German weather, and had the Allies emblem on it), and couldn't speak anything but pure Russian Slovak.

It was crazy, she later noted, about every thing. People actually threw stones, and MOI and hurt MOI!!!! I was so pissed!! (Luna in the flesh. Meanest Lutheran alive.)

All About MunichEdit

Munich (Luna VonStrauss or Strauß, which is a surname) is a short and very frank speaking City and is very.... Different so to speak. She loves her saurkraut and vodka (due to growing up in Russia).

More to come

German LoveEdit

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Uh-oh, Big TroubleEdit

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Wayside HighwayEdit

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