Montenegro (in Japanese:モンテネグロ, Monteneguro. In Montenegrin:Црна Гора, Crna Gora) is a fan-made character made by Tix in the anime and manga


series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents Montenegro, and is the cousin Croatia (Yugoslavia), Slovenia(Yugoslavia), Bosnia (Yugoslavia), Vojvodina(Yugotalia), Serbia (Yugoslavia) and Macedonia (Yugoslavia). Born in 13th July(Statehood Day), he received the name Šćepan Petrović.

Personality and InterestsEdit

He is the laziest of all nations in the world. God forbid someone make him work. Not only will he be insulted but his request will also be utterly ignored.

He declared war to Japan in order to help Russia during his wars. But only when he heard Japan’s on the other side of the globe. Nowadays he doesn’t even know who the hell he is.

His laziness ought not to be mistakened with easygoing-ness. Surprisingly, he is very determined when it comes to helping his comrades, namely Serbia, who he was very close to until after their divorce. Also very traditional(And not in a good kind of way..), and has no manners whatsoever. It’s almost like he still sees the world in a tribal way.

He wanted to marry Serbia really badly through times, but when it was finally the two of them, they got tired of each other soon enough. Also gets along pretty well with Russia, who’s been visiting his beach very often lately.

His hobbies consist of sleeping, snoring and spurting out nasty comments.


Montenegro received the name Šćepan Petrović. Petrović is a Slavic last name, found in countries with Slavic populations. Examples of such countries are: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Russia. This surname or last name is not tied to any nationality. It is normal Slavic surname deriving from Petar, which is equivalent to Peter in English. The part ov designates possession: Petrov means Peter's. The suffix is a diminutive designation, or descendant designation. So, the last name can be translated as Peter's son, equivalent to the English last name of Peterson. His given name was most probably from"False Emperor(Lažni car)" Šćepan Mali who was a ruler of Montenegro from 1767 until his death in 1773. He seized the throne by falsely representing himself as the Russian Emperor Peter III.


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