ZLAD wears darks glass and a sliver suit with a yellow hammer, sickle, and trowel. He has a blond mullet and a brown mustache. He has radiation scars from hanging out in Chernobyl.


ZLAD is not a real national avatar. He is a mad man who thinks he is the avatar of a soviet breakaway republic. He drives the real nations insane with his crazy attempts to prove that he is a real national avatar. These schemes included writing a Molvanin travel guide, crashing Eurovision, and trying to pass off Chernobyl as his capital city.

Personality and interestsEdit

ZLAD is known to be superstitious, foolish, erratic, and just plain crazy. He has a passion for music. ZLAD is decent singer and good musician, but he is a lousy lyrist and, an even worse dancer. ZLAD has invented his own musical instruments. His inventions produce strange ear splitting noises, so what ZLAD calls traditional Molvanin folk music is very hard on the ear. ZLAD has also created some disgusting recipes like hot chocolate spiced with garlic brandy, or horse flab.



ZLAD believes that Russia is father, and is constantly trying to earning his approval. Russia finds ZLAD to be incredibly annoying, and keeps telling him that they are not related and that Molvania is not a real country. Russia also keeps begging ZLAD to seek psychological help.

San Serriffe (human name Antonio Pica)Edit

He is ZLAD’s best friend. Like ZLAD, Antonio is a madman who thinks he’s a national avatar

Phaic Tăn, San Sombrèro, Wadiya,Edit

Three other madmen who think they are national avatars. They are all good friends of ZLAD.


Zladko Fyodor is named for Zladko Vladcik, a charter created to promote Molvania A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry, and Molvania’s patron saint, Fyodor. Zlad’s appearance is a composite of Zladko Vladcik and the members of Molvanian Hairline.

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