Tomato family

"Yea, Yea, why don't you shut up yanky." -Mississippi to New York.

Mississippi Edit

Mississippi is a fan made character. She is America's 20th "child" joining his other states in 1817. 

She is hard working and a bit sensitive about her past as one of the leading states in the Civil war.

Mississippi is a some what small young lady with shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. she wears a redish brown plaid shirt and blue genes (sometimes black pants)

Relationships Edit

Spain Edit

To Mississippi, Spain is like her big brother. He is always there for her when she needs him and she visits him alot when she can. In the past Spain had been her "boss".

Romano( S. Italy)Edit

Like Spain, Romano is like her brother as well. He and Spain are the reason Mississippi became a farmer and why she loves tomatoes so much. she often refers to him as "brother".

America is like a father figure to her she's looks looks affter his healthEdit


Unlike Spain and Romano, Lousiana is more of her son then her little brother. Mississippi is very protective over him and is always helping him. 

Texas Edit

Mississippi has mixed feelings about Texas. The two are close fiends but she sometimes gives him looks when he is near Lousiana (which is most of the time).

New yorkEdit

Mississippi hates New York. She is always yelling at him and calling him "yanky". In the Civil War Mississippi and New York fought almost only each other.


Alabama is Mississippi's real brother and her twin at that. They talk a little every once and a while but don't have much in common other then their shapes. 

France hits on her alot butt most of the time he'll end up with a bleeding noseEdit

England has a crush on her but he acts like a tusdere minus the hitting Edit


They are good friends, Mississippi isn't as scared of him as the others and they have a bit in common.

Different  Edit

nyotalia Mississippi wears short pants and short brown shirtEdit

Nekotalia neko miss loves messing with neko lousiana Edit

2p Mississippi wears short blood looking pants and shirt she carry's a shot gun and two knives     Edit

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