Midway Atoll

Pihemanu Kauihelani


Midway Atoll
Pihemanu Kauihelani

Human name

Gavin Jones




July 5



Hair color


Eye color



130 cm

Midway Atoll is fanmade character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents Midway Atoll, an atoll situated northeast of the Hawaiian archipelago and a third of the way between Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan. His human name is Gavin Jones.


Gavin has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a sailor uniform similar to Sealand's. In fact, they are so similar that once, England brought him home instead of Sealand, and Sealand went home with America.

Personality and Interests

Gavin is quiet but friendly, in terms that all of the islands in the Pacific are friends with him. He has a perverse liking for guano, which he thinks is all right, but the other nations think it's weird. America did adopt him for his guano, after all.


United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)

Main article: America

Alfred found Gavin during his quest for guano. During World War Two, he defended Gavin from the expansionist Japan.

Empire of Japan (Honda Kiku)

Main article: Japan

As part of his bosses' orders, Kiku tried to invade Gavin's house. Unfortunately, Alfred beat him back. Today, they've settled their differences and are good friends.

State of Hawaii (Kamehameha Jones)

Main article: Hawaii

Gavin and Kamehameha are friends, although because Kiku attacked him first, he was not able to come to Gavin's aid as quickly as he wanted to.


  • Gavin's birthday is listed as July 5, the day that Midway Atoll was first sighted.

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