The State of Michigan

Human Name

Robert Ford ロバート·フォード





Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Michigan ( - Mishigan-shu) is a fan made character for Hetalia: Axis Powers. Originally found by France, he was later brought up by America. He has a younger brother, Superior (not yet made), who lives in the land north of him that he calls the upper peninsula. His real life name is Robert Ford.


Cleaner shaved than his older self, he's one of the few characters with visible facial hair. A half a century ago, he clean shaved his beard to look more presentable to the world, but decided to let it grow out a bit more lately. His hair is light brown and slightly shaggy, but still looks like it's being maintained somewhat. He likes to wear his blue and yellow jacket a lot, unless it's too hot out. When it's cold outside and the other nations are in their coats, he will sometimes still go out in this jacket, stating that it isn't that bad out or that you get used to it after a while.


Hard working and industrious, Michigan always likes to be doing something. He can get a bit irritated at others though. Michigan is pretty full of himself too, leading to the earlier dispute with Ohio. He gets a bit more irritated around March and May when the weather keeps flipping back and forth between winter and spring.


America: As a state of his, and was part of the Union in the Civil War, they're on good terms. Detroit was a favored city for quite a while due to it's culture and production, helping lead the "Arsenal of Democracy".

Ohio: Once in a rival so deep that it almost led to armed conflict, they are now mostly sports rivals. Still, even though the rivally got toned down, they can still get pretty tense at times.

Canada: One of the few people who can noticed Canada without getting confused for America. Many deals, projects, and trade has been made between the two, leading to friendly relations.

Superior: Superior was born out of the conflict between Michigan and Ohio over Toledo, which led to Toledo going to Ohio and Superior going to Michigan. The two have lived quite well together, but occationally Superior thinks of how things would be if he was seperate.

Germany: Michigan has some cities and many citizens with a history from Germany, and with such is with friendly terms.

Finland: Mostly due to Superior, Michigan and Finland are rather friendly towards each other, as Finland was able to later finally settle a little bit in the new world in Superior.

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