This is Mexico as a adult.


Mexico is a fanmade character for Hetalia Axis Powers. He represents the country, Mexico (also known as the United Mexican States).

Note 1: Chibi Mexico's Image may be able to be posted at a later time.


Hair Color: should be black

Eye Color: should be dark brown/ruddy brown

Race: Mexican

Skin: should be darker


Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)Edit

Main Article: Spain

México is the son of Spain. He was raised by Spain for a long time and gained many traits from him as a result. In his younger years he always looked up to Spain and was even tought how to use a sword as skillfully as Spain. But when France under Napoleon took Spain; since the Spanish Colonies were apart of Spain he then became part of the Napoleonic Empire. Dispiseing France, Mexico then revolted and claimed independance. Once Spain was free of France it was too late to regain Mexico. In Mexico's teen years his relationship with Spain was strained becuase Mexico then refused to believe he is Spain's son. Since England and France made rumors of Spain's cruelty in the new world Mexico then believed these false rumors and held unnecesary spite torwards Spain. Recently Mexico is starting to accept the fact that Spain is his father and find pride in that. He is also planning on patching things up with Spain.

Philippines (Monica Santiago) Main Article: Philippines

Maria was introduced to Mexico as his half sister when she was discovered. They did fair trade in her early Spanish-colonial days as she was an important strategy point for good business. He and Maria liked to spend a lot of time with each other, exchanging more than just objects. They shared ideas and dreams. They still maintain a close "sibling" bond in modern day.

During WWII He requested America to let his Pilots go to the Philippines to help her since she needed the help and by the fact that Japan is near her Islands.

South Italy (Lovino Vargas)

South Italy is considered as his half brother since he grew up with him. Mexico's treating to South Italy is neutral, altough they are good trading partners. South Italy's way of being rude in his father, Spain, makes him kinda hate him. Since Spain treats Mexico as a real son, he was quite envy at Mexico (Incomplete)

Note 3: Relationships with America, France, Japan, and Central American Countrys will be added later.

Special ThanksEdit

I thank wizardotaku at for his artwork for Mexico.

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