United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos)

Human Name

José Hernández Valdez Martinez (ホセ·ヘルナンデス·マルティネス·カリエド,Hose herunandesu Marutinesu Kariedo)






September 16th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Mexico (メキシコ, Mekishiko) is a fan made character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and the Allied Forces. He has received the name José Hernández Valdez Martinez (ホセ·ヘルナンデス·マルティネス·カリエド, Hose Herunandesu Marutinesu).



Mexico is shown with shaggy black hair and eyes, and wears a standard WW2 Mexican Air Force Uniform. His height is 5'5.


Mexico can be very blunt and overly sarcastic, though with people he's comfortable around; and can have a sense of humor and be very laid back. Though he wont be afraid to put his opinion out on the table if needed, and won't get pressured easily or stressed out. Depending on the argument he can be very aggressive and observant. When you first meet him he's usually very formal and is very business like.

At random times he can make rude remarks towards a person before, immediately and quietly, laughing about it. In the other way around, he can get offended very easily by simple and little things that people don't seem to know that tick him off. Usually in some ways it may come off as rude but it's usually jokingly. Depending on the person, he can be very gentle with older friends and family and cruel to others. 

He also takes much pride in being able to deal with things himself, and is very proud of his armed forces and how they deal with natural disasters.



They both officially met when America recognized Mexico's independence from the Spanish. Ever since their argument from the Mexican American War, they like to bicker and go down each other's throats. Though, in many situations they tend to team up against a common foe. 


Relations go back to the late 1800s when embassies were exchanged between the Soviet Union and Mexico.They seem to have very friendly ties, and both enjoy each others company. Mexico doesn't feel in danger when in Russia's presence, and they both can have very pleasant conversations. Russia admires Mexico's warm climate and likes to visit.


In the early 1500s, Mexico was taken over and taken away from his mother by Spain . In the past, Mexico had always shown a rebellious side when ever he was not in Spain's presence, but was always obedient when he was. After the Mexican independence movement, Spain (and even France) by any means had tried to take him back. Now, they currently have very good relations concerning modern views.  He can be quite friendly and warm to Spain, though he doesn't treat him like a father or a brother.


  • His Gender was actually picked to be male because in the Spanish language, the letter 'O' makes a word masculine, while the letter 'A' makes a word feminine.
  • Dislikes being called short by European nations
  • This Character is Created by RennAztur

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