Human Name

Angelique Kirkland(shorten)
Angelique Kylie Yammouni Kirkland(full name)



Hair Color


Skin Color


Eye Color

Light Brown

Melbourne or Angelique Kirkland is a fanmade character for Hetalia:Axis Power.She represents the city of Melbourne,Australia.


She has Blond Hair,Light Brown Eyes and Has Fair Skin.She is tall,but has a small frame.Her look is completely based on DJ/Singer Havana Brown.


She is very nice and friendly.She usually allows everyone to stay in her city for as long as they want.Because of the Victorian Gold Rush that happend in her city,She is very rich and it was cited that she is the most richest person in Australia.She is also a very good dancer,and is not afraid to invent new kinds of dances to offer the world.She is also very good singer,because of the singers and actor that have came in her city is well-famous.She is also a skilled DJ.



She is his big brother.The two usually get along with each other very much.She is the one who taught him how to dance.He isn't still quite get the moves,but he is still progressing.


Some people ship her with Texas for fun, just cut she isn't in a pair yet


  • Her full name came from three persons who come from Melbourne: Angelique Meunier,Kylie Minouge and James Yammouni (the latter didn't come from Melbourne,but his group The Janoskian did.)
  • The two dances Melbourne presented to the world is New Vouge and the Melbourne Shuffle or Shuffling for short.
    • Shuffling was featured in Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.
  • Melbourne is the most livable city in the world according to EIU in 2011.
  • She is Cultural Capital of Australia.
  • She is based on the DJ/Singer/Dancer Havana Brown.
  • Few inaccuracies,ples notify me if there is one.

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