Mcfishy by dragoncheese28-d3hchsh

mcfishy as drawn by their co-creater

Background information:

Past/appearence/personality: McFishy is a McDonald's fish sandwich which England magically brought to life. England was drunk and McFishy was meant to be a replacement America, only more obedient and 'better' (according to England). However, he ended up looking like a mixture between America and England, only shorter than both. He is rather shy and mostly obedient to England, although when drunk he turns into a pirate.


England/UK: McFishy's father. He can be strict on him, but he is afraid that like America, McFichy will leave him. When McFishy falls in love with a fish, he gets creeped out after the third day, and snaps him out of it, by throwing a bucket of water in his face.

America/US: Mcfishy is scared of America for trying to eat him.

Sealand: One night when Mcfishy was drunk, Sealand found him, and decided to hold him captive, however [somehow] Poland got involved, and made them dress up.

'Poland:'''' He saw Mcfishy handcuffed to Sealand, and went on about how 'cute' mcfishy was, only to drag them back to his place and make them crossdress.

France: During one of Mcfishy's Pirate moments, he tied England and France up, causing France to not like him

official DA fanclub for McFIshy

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