Clementine Kirkland is a fanmade character for the anime and manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and she represents Mayfair.


Human name

Clementine Kirkland

Age appearance



5 feet 7 inches


118 pounds


May 1




Clementine has straight blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, light green eyes, pale skin, a lean frame and smaller eyebrows than her brother James.

She usually wears a white, pussy bow blouse, a black fitted blazer (made by her younger brother Taylor), a high waisted skirt with a black background and red roses pattern and white ballet pumps.

For more formal occasions, like the Royal Wedding, she wore a white strapless dress that falls just above her knees, a black sash tied into a bow cinched around her waist and black and white two tone Mary-Janes with a 3 inch heel.

Personality and Interests

(This will be completed in time.)

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